Review: Shall We Date? Guard Me Sherlock!


I believe it was sometime last year I did a review on a dating sim game for the iPhone and other mobile devices… Shall We Date? Wizardess. Well… I found a new game from the same group. This time it’s called Guard Me Sherlock and yup you guessed it – it’s all about falling in love with three characters from the Sherlock Franchise.


Sherlock Holmes. John Watson. James Moriarty.

I was hooked the moment I read the description. Set in modern times – similar to the BBC Sherlock series, there are several other characters that appear as supportive roles. Not only is John Watson there (and possible love interest storyline), but we’ve got Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, George Lestrade, Hercule Poirot, a teenage male Mika Hudson, the villain James Moriarty (the third love interest storyline), Jeremy Cassel, Jack Stillman and Sebastian Moran. I’m not sure if some of these are characters from other detective mysteries, Hercule I know is one – and the original name of the heroine you’re playing is Jane Marple.

I’m already in love with this – even before I get to the case!


So similar to the other romantic dating/visual novel games out there, you play the main heroine (choosing a name of your choice) and pick one of the three character and storylines that accompany them. Throughout the story you are given choices that will impact how much of a bond/love grows between you and that character. Depending on your ‘love meter’ by the end you will have an option of different endings to choose from, hopefully your love meter is high enough to get a happy or blissful ending.

There are other quizzes that happens throughout the game, puzzle quizzes, math quizzes, all with a multiple choice answer to choose from. Thankfully these quizzes have nothing to do with the love meter. I managed to get a few right, but felt I got most of the answers wrong here. However, they are fun and really make you think when you least expect it.

Other checkpoints include ‘sweetie points’ which is in a separate part of the game, and a wardrobe/fashion section that you have to purchase items to put on your mannequins in order to proceed to the next chapter.

The game is free, so there is no reason to purchase in-game money. Sweetie point area earns you coins that will buy a lesser article of clothing that may not allow you to get the ‘premium’ story but enough that you can still proceed and not be hung up or stuck in a particular spot.

So I started my first round with Sherlock Holmes – duh! In this case you (the heroine) are an actress performing a play and are receiving threatening notes. A boring case that Sherlock may not take, yet he surprises you by accepting and returning to the theatre with you. Finding the culprit was easy, but just then as they are checking out the stage, a light fixture from above crashes down and almost hits our heroine. Sherlock is there to protect us, and smiles – the case just got interesting.

From that point you move in with him and John at 221B Baker Street as they try to track down the culprit who’s sabotaging the play. Staying in an apartment full of guys can get romantic, and before long you get used to Sherlock’s strange tendencies and quirks as the two of you fall in love. It’s not perfect, but it feels genuine and I seriously staring falling for it myself.  I managed to reach the blissful ending for this one – but unfortunately I haven’t been able to play through the premium route.

I’m now on the James Moriarty case. Surprisingly the case is completely different. This time I’m still an actress but the play is to be set on a Train, owned by James Moriarty who is a huge fan of yours and begins flirting and throwing money at your. You still had gone to Sherlock Holmes about your reservations of the play, the train and not knowing who it was who hired you to perform. I’m currently on chapter 4 (or 5?) and Sherlock and John have reappeared on the train now that my character is already starting to fall in love with Moriarty. I’m very curious to see how this story goes… James Moriarty is a bit obsessed about your character and it makes me a bit uneasy – but it still feels a bit genuine and I won’t know the ending until I reach it.

I’ll be sure to fill you all in on John’s storyline next. But I highly recommend this game if you’re into dating sim apps or interactive visual novels.



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