Dreams have always been part of my life. From the nightmares of childhood to the fantasy inspiration for characters in my stories and novels. It’s very rare that I don’t wake up and not have some sort of dream, even if it’s one I don’t quite remember. There are some I don’t wish to tell, those are the odd ones, the subconscious ones that make me feel that there’s more to them than ‘just a dream’.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a Pieces, or if my witch of a great-grandmother Turkington, but I believe that dreams hold meaning and can be interpreted for clarification on yourself, your life and others around you. Who knows, maybe it’s because I liked the Joseph story in the old testament as a kid. Either way, if I wake up from a dream that is still vivid in my head I want to find out what it means. I’ll search google and other dream dictionary sites and try to find a meaning behind them.

What has inspired me to write this post is because of by boyfriend. Surprisingly he has not had a dream, or he claims he doesn’t dream much. I found this peculiar and don’t believe him half the time. Then again he is a more analytical thinker and I’ve always been a day dreamer. Still, many mornings he’ll ask me about if I dreamed and I’ll either say – yes – but don’t tell him the details, or if it’s bizarre enough that requires a laugh I’ll tell him the whole things.

A couple of vivid dreams I’ve had in the past included me with a baby (no mine) downtown in a city and having my car stolen right before my eyes. Crazy, I know, but I woke up still feeling that anxiety of having my car stolen. I later I discovered what a few symbols of that dream meant, like the baby could be something I’m nurturing, and the stolen car about not being in control over a situation.

Another dream I actually jotted down the morning after. I’m not sure how much to include as it was a LONG dream, or it felt like it went on forever. I’m still working out what it means because there seemed to be so many symbols to keep track off and some of them seem to contradict the others. I’ll give the basics;

The dream started at a bar with me without shoes, then suddenly we’re leaving and driving down a dirt road towards a farm-house that will be our home. Yes there are at least four or five of us in the vehicle(s). On our way, we see a storm in the distance, it has lightning but looks to be more of a sand storm. In the storm I see a glimpse of a monster. Yes, that’s right I’ve got a Godzilla like monster in my dream.

We reach the farmhouse and for the moment the storm is forgotten as we explore. It’s a large farmhouse with rooms in places that don’t make sense. For starters my room is in a loft in the rafters but in the middle of the rafters, with no railings on either side and a window at one end where I do see the monster again.

It’s hard to describe, I’m scared in the dream but the monster seems more like a giant ant-eater and doesn’t seem to be concerned with us. We go outside to watch it pass and when we return, my room has curled up and I have to find another.

See – weird!

Anyways, the dream continues with me finding another bedroom, one is ripped off – like a museum – and I try to find out if I can use it. I find friends on the second floor in a large bedroom that looks to be out in the open with a kitchen right beside it. I find out there aren’t any other rooms except one and go check this other room out and find two elderly women in the bed (which is also in the middle of the room). Depending on where I stand, the woman come in and out of vision, and there’s a skeleton between them. Inside I know already they’re spirit’s and ghosts and I’m afraid to upset them. Though they seem jovial. One friend steps past me and jumps on the bed – not seeing the women or the skeleton, confirming they are ghosts in my mind. I try to apologize to the ghosts for the friend jumping on them, not caring with the others are thinking. The dream ends around that point, I talk to the ghosts some more about sharing the room with them, but that’s when I woke up.

So you see, that is a messed up dream. Even now, weeks after I experienced it I can still remember it like it just happened. I don’t know if there are hidden meanings in it, or a few scenes to make a story out of. My brain seems to work in odd ways. After dreams like that how can I not think there’s something more to it, that my subconscious is trying to tell me something?

What about you, do you dream? Does your dreams have meanings?


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