My #DreamCrate

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to discover that Loot Crate was interested in learning about what fans and looters would do if given the chance to put together their own #DreamCrate. I was immediately interested. I’ve received LootCrate boxes in the past, my boyfriend gave me a 3 month subscription for Christmas a couple of years ago, so I’m familiar with their products and services. For those of you who may not know, Loot Crate is a monthly box full of geek items based on a that month’s theme. If you’re curious check out their site for this months Loot Crate as well as previous boxes. They have also expanded into other more narrow geek boxes such as LootAnime, LootGaming, LootPets and LootWear.

So the possibilities are endless. But then, what can I add that LootCrate hasn’t already done?

Without diving into past boxes to figure out a theme for my #DreamCrate, I sat back and just tried to think of items that I would love to receive in one of their boxes. I may not have the most original ideas, but it was too much fun to pass up. This happened during NaNoWriMo last month, so I had a couple of weeks to wreck my brain around before typing out the post. Given my theme of my NaNoWriMo novel, and my current streaming and TV habits I’ve decided on a theme that would allow me to incorporate many different franchises – even if I’m reaching a bit far.  So, here it goes:

Theme of my #Dream Crate: RPG (Role Playing Games)

• Critical Role
• Lord of the Rings
• Harry Potter
• Sword Art Online
• Final Fantasy
• Dungeons & Dragons
• Avengers
• Conan the Barbarian

Alright, so that’s my start. As you can see, I’m trying to work the RPG theme in through games, TV shows, Web shows, movies and video games. Some are straight forward and others are based in fantasy that can easily move over to the RPG theme. Others include elements that any RPG should have, for example, Harry Potter is based on wizards and every RPG group should have a wizard lol. Same with The Avengers, they are a group of individuals with different skill sets that echo that of an RPG group. A tank, archer, warrior/soldier, and thief/assassin. Let’s just face it; I’m a geek in a lot of different fandoms and wanted to include as many different fandoms as I could. Really, I’m just after a wand from Harry Potter lol.

Now that I’ve got my theme and a list of Franchises to draw from, it’s time to work out individual items that would be included. With no limitation on what to include so I’m super excited to let my imagination soar with this. I’ll try to start small, and work toward the big scale items.


• Dice: Dice is important in D&D, it’s your life. If you’re trying to accomplish a task, roll a D20 and see if you are successful or not. RPG dice also comes in a lot of different colour schemes and themes – even a dragon themed. But to keep this simple, a single set of RPG dice will work to start any D&D game.


• Notebook/Journal – You’ll want to write down all your epic adventures, especially if you’re playing D&D. A notebook that’s leather bound with blank pages so you can jot down anything wherever you go. I’m a writer and a fantasy themed notebook would be perfect to carry around all day long.


Critical Role T-shirt – Critical Role has quickly became one of my all time favourite web/stream based shows to watch. What’s not to love when it’s “a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing D&D”?


In Real Life – by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang – This has been on my wish list for a few months now. I stumbled upon it once online and the description really compelled me. The graphic novel deals with online gaming and real world issues. It sounds amazing and think it would fit well in this themed crate.


• Dungeon & Dragons Players Handbook (5e) – The essential book to start your own D&D campaign. Full of information on how to build your own unique characters, the basics of building a campaign and how to role play in the D&D setting.


• Harry Potter Wand – That’s right, every RPG group needs a wizard and every wizard needs a wand – or staff – or something. Anyways I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an official wand from Harry Potter, but of course the challenge is finding one and finding the one you want. With multiple wands based on the characters it’s a much larger choice out there than expected. If I had to choose though, I’ll pick Hemione’s or the Elder wand as my wand of choice.


• Avengers – Hawkeye Bow – I’ve been sightly obsessed with archery ever since Lord of the Rings came out and I saw Legolas in action. Of course since then other archers have appeared on the scene including Green Arrow, Hawkeye and Katniss. Picking just one bow set to add to the RPG crate is difficult but in the end Hawkeye’s set is more hi-tech and awesome in my humble opinion.


• RWBY Soundtracks – RWBY is another web-based series that seems to be heavily influenced by RPGs. The opening score is amazing and I wanted to include something of that franchise into the mix. Their soundtracks seemed to be a good fit. There are 3 out now, any one of them would be a great inclusion.


• Sword Art Online DVD – Sword Art Online has been an inspiration for my writing. The anime deals with a fully immerse virtual reality game where those who logged in on the first day become permanently stuck in the game, unable to log out. The animation is beautiful, the storyline and characters amazing and all around has inspired me to try my hand at a Virtual Reality novel.


• Final Fantasy – Cloud’s Buster Sword – Hell yeah! We’ve got a wand for the magic user, a bow and arrow for the Ranger/Archer, now it’s time for the big guns. Who wouldn’t want Cloud’s sword from Final Fantasy 7? It’s iconic! Final Fantasy was one of the first if not the first RPG game I’ve ever played. It holds a special place in my heart and thus, I had to include the Buster Sword.


• The Hobbit – Smaug Figure – I NEED to include a Dragon somewhere on the list. What RPG is good without one, friend or foe? But with all the hero’s items I’ve included, it’s time I add a villain.


• Pop Vinyl Conan Figurine – The BARBARIAN! Yes, another classic to the RPG group, the meat shield! Enough said.


• Red Dragon Inn (Board Game) – After a hard day of adventuring and questing, it’s time to return to the Red Dragon Inn for some drinks. This game sounds like a lot of fun, as you try to get others drunk to steal their gold.


Dwarven Forge – Then at last we need a dungeon. Dwarves Forge make some amazing tile sets for a bung of RPG campaigns. A basic dungeon set would be a great way to start off any new adventurer.

Well that’s my list at this moment in time. It was difficult trying to narrow down to the top choices to be included in my #DreamCrate. I wanted to expand to as many franchises as possible but also trying to keep to the theme. I think my list incorporates the basic elements of an Role Play Game environment, from books, games and figurines to creativity and imagination that goes along with a number of the RPG environments. It’ why I enjoy such games and shows relating to Dungeons and Dragons. It brings out that hidden pit of creativity you didn’t know you possess. As a writer and someone who uses my imagination and day dreams whenever possible, I wanted to put together a crate that will inspire others to explore their own imaginations.


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