NaNoWriMo- Week 4


After 24 days of furiously writing away whenever I had spar time, I’ve finally reached the end of my novel for NaNoWriMo at 50,521 words.

I am spent. I am tired. I am thrilled that I reached the end!

What i’ve written is nothing more than a garble mess, it is closer to a rough draft than a first draft, but then again those two seem to be one and the same. It seems that as much as NaNoWriMo helps me focus for a month on one story, I feel rushed when writing it. It’s like  a race at times, I’m just trying to throw out as many words as possible in the limited time i have. It leaves my first draft a mess in my mind. I have piles upon piles of contradictions, additional characters i never planned and switching between multiple points of view.

Of course, by finishing the novel I am able to get a better picture of the bigger view. I now have a beginning, middle and end that on their own works, it’s just the filler between that needs work. But It’s the bare bones. I managed to scramble together the starts of what I hope to be a good story. It needs work, it needs focus and a better flow, but it’s a start and that is all I can ask out of NaNoWriMo.

So where does that leave me?

It leaves me with a lot more work. My story takes place in hell, and unfortunately I didn’t do my homework or delve too much into world creation before November, leaving me with a half-baked idea of my world where my characters are spending the majority of their time. Before I can go back and work on a second draft, I need to hammer out my version of hell and it’s three rings. I want to make a map, plan out territories, work on the magic system more and my character’s personalities. I have a fear that two of my characters sound too much alike and I need to make sure they have their own personality that shines through. Hopefully once that is dealt with I can go through my mess of a first draft and find the gems to polish and give it more life.

When will that be?

I have no idea. The experts all say that once you finish a draft, to se it aside. Let it sit, and settle while you carry on with other projects. It needs a fresh pair of eyes that can only happen when you’ve almost forgotten what you’ve written. And after this past month, my brain is not ready to handle any deep thought into this story. So December will be my relaxing month.

Well, almost.

This December I’ve set aside for games. Video Games! Now that I have a PC set up for games use only for just me, I’m wanting to just veg out on it. With a new steam account I’ve got a few games on the mind that I want to buy, download and play.

But it’s not all games. I’ve bought a table runner quilt kit for my mom for Christmas that I still have to make. There’s Christmas in the new house as well. Gifts to buy, to wrap and a house to decorate. There are also a few blog posts I want to get to write… some have been waiting to be written for months! I also want to plan out my new year on my blog, work on a few weekly posts and set aside a decent amount of time to plan and work on making my blog more active.

There are changes coming in the future with the possibility that I’ll have more time to write. I want to make the most of it. Besides my blog, the new year will be dedicated to my paranormal novel. I’ve done three drafts and will spend the next year working on a fourth before sending it out to an editor and if things go smoothly maybe even finding an agent. But i’ve learned from my last year not to jump too far a head. One step at a time.

To all you other NaNo writers, I hope you’re reaching your end and the word count. There are still a few days left and I know you can finish.


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