NaNoWriMo – Week 1


It is nearing the end of the first week of NaNoWriMo, and i’ve only just been keeping up the pace. Currently I’m sitting at 6,889 words.

Driving 50 min to and from work each day has been exhausting, but I’ve forced myself to keep writing everything evening when I get home. I may only produce a thousand words or less, and the words are making my novel awful, but I’m still going.

November 1st turned out to be an unusual warm day for us southern Canadians which allowed me to sit for two hours outside on our back deck and write away carefree. I typed out a good 2000 words that day.

Starting my novels has never been a problem for me. Usually by the time I am ready to write i’ve gone through the first chapter several times in my head. Sure it’s still no perfect when I type it out, but at least I have a solid grasp on what I want to accomplish. For this year’s NaNo, i did the same, only afterwords once my first chapter was done I stared at the dreaded blank page and fell apart. Since then I’ve been struggling with the next three chapters. I start off strong, trying to fill out the senses and descriptions of the opening scenes, but by the time I reach the second and third chapters I fall back to the main plot and trying to keep my characters moving through the story. I guess that’s what editing is for.

It doesn’t help I had two alternate beginnings in my head for this book. I choose the earlier one for NaNo, hoping it would give me a boost in word count that I may need by the end of the month. Now i’ve reached the second beginning, I feel i’m re-writing my opening. It has given me new vigor and I hope to keep the momentum up for the rest of the month.

To help aid my wordcount, tonight I’ll be attending my first NaNoWriMo overnighter. Not only will it give me 12 hours to write with fellow writers, but with the “Fall Back” and hour I get another extra hour of potential writing time. I’ve never attending an overnighter, and I doubt I’ll stay awake the whole time, but I’m looking forward to see how motivated we’ll end up being.


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