LANtastic, NaNo, and other Updates


It has been a while since I’ve posted here! Wow, can’t believe how times flies! Work has kept me exhausted every night I come home. 50 minutes in a car can do that apparently. The commute has been hard, close to 50 minutes each way, leaving me with little energy to find something to write about. Thankfully with NaNoWriMo coming I’ve been able to force myself to at least put a couple of hours into word building, character development or plot outlining.

Besides upcoming NaNo – a couple of weekends ago I took part in my first LAN party. My boyfriend has been putting this LAN party – ‘LANtatic’ – together for seven years now and finally I gave it a try. He put together one of is older computers for me and set me up with some free-to-play games. I was  hesitant, as much a I consider myself a gamer, most of my gameplay revolves around RPGs and JRPGs. I think Uncharted was the first FPS I’ve actually played. But that’s still all on my one. This LAN meant playing in online games with others LIVE!

The experience was great. Everyone was friendly and cooperative helping me and giving me advice when I needed it. Of course Saturday was an amusing day. I had asked my BF to see if he could set up my computer with a PS3 controller. After setting up his computer and getting the controller to work, he set up mine – only to hit the wrong button and crash my computer. I mean a loop crash. He spent the rest of the morning trying to get my computer back up and running. He felt so bad! I spent the time in the lounge area playing Enternal Sonatra on a PS 3 system. It was a fun game even though I only managed to play 3hours of it. Definitely on my list of future games to own. Other games I’ve played that weekend included Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Guns of Icarus, Bur, Evolve, Hearthstone, and on my own I played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (1st one).

I can’t wait for next year and I hope they keep going with this event.

On to NaNo!

I’ve finally picked a story. I’m doing a fantasy – maybe urban fantasy? Unsure of the exact genre but my working title is “The Witch’s Staff”.  This is a story loosely based off a fan fiction of the anime Bleach. I’ve done my best to make it as original as possible. The story revolves around an original character I’ve created. A Witch. A teenage Witch lol. Anyways, her parents are dead and she’d been living with her uncle for the past 6 years. Neglected and ignored, that is until one evening she returns home to find her uncle has sold her to a demon for power and wealth. Taken to hell by this demon, she is faced with his manipulative words and tempting offer of power. Refusing him makes her life a living hell. Imprisoned and tortured, the demon attempts to collect her magic and energy for his own use. Months pass before she realizes nobody will save her. She breaks herself out of her prison and teaming up with another captured inmate (a Grim Reaper), they travel through hell looking for a portal back to the realm of the living.

It’s still a loose plot with only the drive of freedom pushing my main characters forward. I hope to delve more into their voice and backgrounds as I write in November. It seems whenever I mention a journey through hell to anyone asking about my NaNo project I’ve been told to stay away from Dante’s Inferno. A story I unfortunately have not read, yet the concept is well-known in society that I don’t have to look hard to find his concept of hell. But don’t worry, I do not plan to follow his blueprint.

Yet, creating a hell based realm is proving difficult and challenging. Right now I have a three-tier/level system. The first tier is full of souls, there is no torture per se, but life in the first tier is difficult. Those more vicious prey on others, gaining more power the more souls they consume – eventually loosing all humanity and becoming a demon. The second tier/level is for demons – both born of souls consuming other souls and creation of the fallen angels. I haven’t delved too much into this level yet, even though that is where my MC is. The final tier is at the heart of the realm and is for the fallen angels and their demonic creations.

Throughout the story I want my character to come into contact with different beasts, monsters, demons and souls. Not to mention I want to find spots in hell that is not a ‘wasteland’ as seems to be the cliché. It would also help the reader see that even though my character has been through a lot, she can still find beauty in the most horrible, evil of places. Turn a few tropes on their heads and give my character a friendship without romance.

I’m interesting to see how it turns out and I’ll try to keep you all posted on my progress throughout November. My local NaNo chapter has a pre-planning session next week  I’ll be attending. I hope it’ll help me finish my planning stages and give me some encouragement when November 1 hits.


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