Home Sweet Home


It’s official! I’ve moved in with my boyfriend in his new house. Five days later and I’m still unpacking and organizing, and trying to work with my BF on what to keep and what to give/throw away.  I guess those who’ve done similar moves understand the feeling of being surrounded by boxes. Thankfully, only the basement seems overwhelming, the main and second floor are in decent shape. We still need to organize cupboard for food and such, but at least there aren’t boxes piled on boxes.

With the new move comes a commute. I’m not travelling 45 min to an hour to work. Two days into my first week and it’s not bad. The mornings are not too bad, though these past couple of mornings I’ve aiming to get to work early. We’ll see how well the morning commute goes when I’m trying to get to work by 8:30 am. The afternoon commute has been a mess. I’ve never had to drive is such crazy traffic in rush hour before and it’s defiantly something to get used to It is also a new incentive to find a new job closer to home.

Because of the stress of the move, unpacking and getting into a new schedule with work, my writing muse has left me. This has been the first time I’ve sat down and wrote anything more than an email in two weeks. I hope as things get unpacked and my desk is put together I can set aside some private space where I can focus more on writing, editing and preparing for NaNoWriMo.

Everything is different and requires a change in mind, schedule and life. Even spending more than a weekend with my boyfriend has been an adjustment. Yet it feels nice coming home to a house, despite it’s mess, rather than a basement apartment. 😉


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