What’s a Ghoul to Do?

129537What’s a Ghoul to Do?
By Victoria Laurie

I’ve been looking for a long time for a book, or a book series dealing with the paranormal, supernatural or ghost hunting that isn’t ROMANCE! I mean, is it so hard to find some adventure paranormal ghost hunting book?

Thankfully I stumbled upon Victoria Lourie’s ghost busting psychic M.J. Holliday. This has been an absolute delight to read. It has all that I was looking for; a spunky medium turned ghost hunter, action, a murder master and yes, a little romance on the side.

What’s a Ghoul to Do? Is the first of a series starring M. J. Holliday, a medium psychic who uses her skills to hunt ghosts and lead them to the other side – or trap them in the bottom plain if they are jerks. What was so great about this book was the first chapter that had our heroine jumping into the action. We actually see her right off the bat dealing with a haunting of two spirits and how she is capable of handling herself alone. There is more to the cast, including her partner Gilly, a close friend from grade school who is gay and pulled her with him after high school to New York where they’ve work together with her ghost busting business. Then there is Doc, M.J.’S parrot who has just the right thing to say at the wrong time.

In this opening series, we not only meet and get to know M.J. and Gilly, but also Steven Sable, well Doctor Steven Sable, a client who hires M.J. and Gilly to help him deal with his recently departed grandfather upstate at a mansion of a house. That’s when the murder mystery comes into play. We discover that the grandfather did not commit suicide, and there is one other ghost that haunts the place. As M.J., Steven, and Gilly began to unravel the history and mystery that surrounds the family and why someone is out to try to kill Steven.

The story moves at a comfortable pace, and had me reading chapter after chapter to find out what happens next. I love how M.J. is constantly picking up on spirits in the town. She would be talking to people and then just out of the blue a spirit would tug at her energy and she would go into a message and shock the people she’s talking with. Through these interactions M.J. is able to piece together the events that happened with Steven’s grandfather, amongst the other strange things going on.

This is defiantly a ‘cozy mystery’ but I love it. I hope to learn from Victoria and her characters to help me in my own paranormal adventure stories. There’s much to learn and the more stories like these I find, the better! To those who want a light read with a few ghosts thrown in, check her out as well with her other series.


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