Vacation Packing


This past week I took off work in the hopes for a relaxing vacation. Time for me to read, write and perhaps get my short story published on Kindle finally. That did not happen – or not to the extent that I would like. Not to say that I procrastinated the entire week. No, I’ve been busy to the point of exhausting myself. Instead of working on projects and new writing ideas I’ve been packing.

My boyfriend has recently bought a house. An exciting and nerve wrecking prospect. In addition to the house, I will be moving in with him. We’ve both been living on our own for a number of years, so it will be a period of adjustment for both of us. Yet, the excitement is strong and I’ve been busy packing up all my books, movies, games, and other small stuff I’ve collected over the years. My mom even came over and helped clean up my kitchen and pack with me.

Our move-in date isn’t until September but who knows when I’ll have the time to finish packing before then. There’s work during the week, and I usually end up staying at my boyfriends on the weekends. I know from now on I’ll be helping him pack during that time too. No rest for the weary.

But on a positive note, I have finally finished the extra scenes in my short story, advice my editor gave me a few months ago. I have now extended my word count from 11k to 16k, a good five thousand extra words. Her suggestion was to make it a more novella length story but since I’ve decided to make it an e-book word count is not as important. I still need to go back through with an editing software making sure my tenses and added scenes still run smoothly with the original piece. I haven’t decided if I should go back to my editor for a second run through, perhaps focusing on the more technical side of the story or if I should post it as is once my editing is done. This story has been on the go for over a year and part of me would like to see it posted online and available before the end of the year so that I can move on to another piece of work I want to edit.

Until I make up my mind I have work to do. Perhaps all this packing will give me some brain waves into what course of action I want to make.


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