A New Blog


Hello and welcome!

I have decided to step out from behind my curtain and begin posting under my name. More or less.

This is not my first blog, nor my first blog on wordpress. I have been posting everything on “Order of Dynast” for three years. It has been a great learning experience. I gained followers and found some great blogs to follow in return.

So why the new one?

Simply put, my Order of Dynast name is a mouthful and created at a time in my life when I was afraid of using my name out in the open. I was working on a fantasy series and decided – more on a whim – to title my blog after an organization in the story. It turned out, during editing, that organization name changed, but my blog did not. It was getting in the way. My life had moved forward as did my confidence with my writing. I began to consider starting a new blog under my author’s name. A chance to start over.

Here I am. I took the plunge – again – and started a new blog.

What will happen to my old blog? Good question, I don’t know. For now, it will remain active. I may move the popular posts over, but I plan to focus on this new blog from now on.

I plan to continue the same style of content I’ve been known to post on  Order of Dynast. Focusing on sharing parts of my writing, snippets from my work-in-progress’s, world building research, or just frustrations and fears as I move towards my goals to be a published author. In between I’ll be posting reviews and random thoughts of life. It will become clear, quickly of how much of a geek I am and I hope to share my geekness with you all.

So, please stay tuned. I’ll be working towards getting more content up on my site in July.


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