The Querying Process

It is with great excitement and trepidation that I’m ready to start querying my novel. After almost ten years of working on it, 2 editorial reviews, and at least 3 beta readers, I feel it is time to start sending it off to literary agents.

It’s a frightening process for me – and I thought sending my manuscript off to editors was frightening, but this takes it to a new level. For the first time I’m actually pitching my book, or trying to at least. I’ve tackled maybe half dozen websites on how to write a query letter, and also been trying to scour the internet for possible agents. 

I’m having a rough time finding agents power. I don’t know if it’s my genera or age group. I’ve decided to try promoting my work as New Adult. From the concusses on Twitter, since my MC is eighteen and in University, along with the rest of the gang being at least 19-23 years old, YA may not be the right age group – however I do encourage cross over between the two groups. My other issue is the genre itself. If I had my way I would all it a Paranormal Adventure – hands down. However, I’ve yet to see that label on any agent’s list. Instead I’m labeling it an Urban Fantasy – which in the broad sense of the word, it is. It has to do with a psychic girl, an shape shifting evil spirit, and occult magic, all set in a modern day University. 

So I’m holding my breath. I’m going to send my query out to hopefully the two so far on my list of agents this weekend and wish for the best. I’ll be participating in #pitmad – a pitch wars setting on twitter this June. Which means I need to edit and condense my pitch. 

In the mean time, I’d be all ears if anyone knows of a good site with a decent list of literary agents to visit. I also hope to share good news in the future if this querying goes well.


Violet Evergarden – Anime Review

All I can say is that this anime is breathtakingly beautiful. The scenery shots, pans and the texture is vibrant and held me speechless as I watched. This particular anime isn’t exactly like the ones I’m used to watching. Don’t get me wrong, I was balling my eyes out in the last half of the series, the story touched me so hard that I couldn’t help but feel the emotions the protagonist – Violet – struggles to understand and show herself. It’s hard for me to explain how this anime is, there’s no real action like battle scenes that pushes the plot forward (there are battle scenes but they are used as character development). It almost feels like a coming of age story, but with it’s own unique twist.

Let’s start the the plot and circumstances around our protagonist Violet. The anime does a wonderful job and only giving you glimpses into Violet’s past when required, allowing us to go on a wonderful, emotionally filled journey. We learn through the first few episodes that she was abounded and taken by a navy officer Dietfried Bougainvillea during war time, and that she has an ability to kill people quite well, even as a child. Dietfield gives the child to his younger brother Gilbert, a tool to be used in the war. Gilbert sees the child for who she is, a lost girl and does his best to protect her, but can’t deny the skills she possesses and how often she saves him during the way. He teaches her to read, write and in the process of bonding with her, attempts to give her insights into emotions and a view of life outside of war, killing and the military.

However, during a decisive battle to end the war, Violet attempts to save Gilbert but looses both of her arms in the process. She wakes up in a countryside hospital with new artificial arms and hands. She is not told of the circumstances of Gilbert’s survival, and when she asks, only gets vague responses. In the end she winds up being placed under Claudia Hodgens  (a friend of Gilberts) protection and begins to work for him and his company – CH Postal Company.  There Violet becomes an Auto Memory Doll in an attempt to learn the meaning of the words – “I love you”. The last words Gilbert said to her.

From here on out, we discover a world around these Auto Memory Dolls, people who scribe and write letters for those who are unable to read or write. A term derived from a scientist who wanted to help is blind wife write and read letters. That in itself is a beautiful concept and I love the aspect of people’s jobs of helping people connect with others through letters. A lost art over the modern years.

Of course, Violet is not a capable Auto Memory Doll in the beginning. Her artificial limbs allows her to type at an amazing pace, almost in line with the speaker, but her lack of emotions, to read people’s emotions causes her first letters to sound more like reports. However, she learns, with the help of her friends at CH Postal Company. 

The anime continues over a course of a few years as we follow Violet as she travels around the country, with her typewriter and contracts. These stories are filled with wonderful themes of different types of love. There’s a episode where Violet must write love letters on behalf of a princesses to a prince to help seal the end of conflict between two countries. One of my favourite episodes is that of a playwright who wants to finish his play for his dead daughter but is full of sorrow. Violet arrives and helps him get over his pain and finish a play years in the making. Another that made my cry the hardest was an episode where a mother was dying and wanted to write a letter for her young daughter, on letter to arrive every year on her birthday.

Through these stories we see Violet grow into a person. She still has a stiff, emotionless expression most of the time, but we see it soften, we see her cry, we see her learn that she isn’t a tool or weapon to be used, but a human being like everyone else with emotions buried deep beneath her.

This anime is one of my all time favourites. I don’t know if there will be another season, I do know there is a special out and I hope to watch that soon. I highly recommend you all to watch this, for the wonderful and beautiful animation style, the story, and most of all the theme of love and acceptance that goes along with Violet. 

Spoilers… How to live with them?

As social media increases to an astonishing popularity amongst so many people, so does it seems the spoilers for many favourite TV shows and movies. As of late it seems there are many people out there trying to prevent others from posting spoilers to in particular Avengers Endgame. But it seems, with as many people trying to help those who haven’t had time to see it yet, to still be able to watch it with as much non bias and leaked information as possible, there are still those who want to post their opinions and views on the movie, episode or show right away.

In particular, I recently got railroaded by the latest episode of Game of Thrown spoiler on Twitter just the other night. I have not seen that episode as I do not like staying up that late to watch it and I tend to watch it later in the week. Maybe I was foolish for wanting to check out Twitter before I went to bed Sunday night… I mean I like checking twitter for all my Writing Community threads, who’s working on what, any polls or discussions that I want to contribute to. I mean, it’s a habit of mine now to check twitter before I go to sleep – I hate that it’s become that way. In any case the first tweet that loaded on my page was a direct spoiler of the Game of Throne episode, including the names of people who died.

I get people want to discuss the episode, or make a remark on it. I have seen other tweets that do not give away any important details or spoilers and merely remark on how much they enjoyed the episode. I’m fine with that, but no… I got direct spoilers without even having the chance to change settings — not that I could figure that out on my iPhone.

Whatever, I thought. It’s only an episode and I’ll watch it later this week. However, the person who I had saw the spoiler from replied further saying that it’s not her fault for posting it, but others for even wanting to log onto Twitter to expect nothing else but spoilers. It felt like an attack on me. It felt like she was saying it’s my fault for not watching the show life on air and thus to avoid twitter all together if you don’t want any spoilers.

It really upset me and I’m still struggling on what to say or even how to respond. I mean, people work and may not be able to watch it when it airs, there could be time zones and those who can’t afford to have HBO. So are we all forced to avoid all social media because of one show, or one movie until we finally see it? I don’t see how this is fair.

So what is the proper respect concerning such highly anticipated TV shows and movies where spoilers will be released at some point? Is it the job of those who haven’t been able to watch it to do their best and avoid the social media circus around it? It may be the only response, I mean the moment you tell someone to please not post something specific, everyone seems to get up in your face. 

Yet for Endgame there has been a visual movement to try and avoid spoilers. Even people warning others that there are spoilers leaked. There are memes being circulated and I’ve been noticing them for a week now. Sure there are those who have already posted their reviews and any article referring to Endgame seems to either mention the possibility of spoilers up front, there doesn’t seem to be the same kind of respect for Game of Thrones.

Maybe I’m just an empathetic person. I can understand not wanting to ruin shows for others. I may struggle with it sometimes but I do try my best not to post anything major relating to plots in my reviews or when I talk to people. I may emphasis on the desire for others to watch it, but unless they ask I do not give away the ending or surprising deaths that happened. 

In the end, there is no way to avoid them. I fear that unless I give up all my social media accounts I am bound to run across a spoiler for something, the internet is like that I’m afraid. I guess I have to learn how to edit twitter until the Game of Thrones finally ends once and for all.

Lost Song – Anime Review

Lost Song
Produced by: Liden Films, Dwango & Mages

I will say this first and foremost, expect to cry at the end of this anime series.

It’s been a while since I was able to sit down and start watching some anime tv shows again. I unfortunately don’t have a subscription to some of the anime only sites so most of knowledge right now is through a few websites and other reviews blogs talking about the newest, hottest and popular anime series. 

Lost Song appeared on my netflix list and I finally sat down to watch the series this week. Only 12 episodes long, I binged watched it all in three days. The plot surrounds a young girl named Rin who when she sings,  can produce magic and miracles – the Power of Songs. Growing up in a small farming town, her dream is to travel to the capital and sing with the Capital’s Orchestra. She gets her wish after her village is burned down along with her older sister and grandfather is killed by soldiers of the Capital – all looking for her. 

Besides Rin’s story there is another woman who can sing the Power of Songs named Finis. However her story is much more complex, full of strife, darkness and lost love.  We learn along the way that Finis appears to be Rin’s opposite and is wanting to preform the Song of Mortality in order to end her immortality filled life, a life where she lives through the rise and destruction of humanity, a circle of unending changes over and over.

Through destiny, friendship and the magic behind songs, destiny brings the two together near the climatic ending of the whole series.

Like I said at the beginning, I was crying my eyes out by the last three or four episodes as everything began to fall into place, histories of each of the girls, both Rin and Finis are shown and explained as well as the devastating end that may befall the entire world. I didn’t expect to get so emotional over the anime, from the start it seemed innocent enough, just a fantasy anime with wonderful music and songs.

Really, I love the music in this anime. I might try and go find the songs to download or something. They are sweet, powerful and the idea of putting magic to songs is something I don’t see everyday in fantasy. 

Anyways, if you’re looking for an anime with beautiful art, some fantasy elements, magic songs, and even some sword fighting and epic battles – I would highly recommend watching Lost Song. Just be sure to have a box of kleenex by your side.

Nine Princes in Amber – Review

Nine Princes in Amber
By Roger Zelazny

Back Cover Summary:

All other worlds are in darkness. Only one is real  – AMBER, the perfect realm. Now hideous and alien forces rise up against its rulers. Only one can save Amber – Corwin, the uncrowned prince. Long exiled to the Shadow Earth, Corwin has returned to size his throne. Yet his bloody path is blocked and guarded by eerie structures beyond imagining… impossible realities forged by demonic assassins.. And staggering horrors to challenge he might of Corwin’s super-human fury.

So, to be clear, my husband as a wake of old fantasy and sci-fi books on his bookcase. Many of which he has not read himself, only rescued from his father’s library when they moved and were downsizing. There are a lot of gems and some unheard of books there that I’ve slowly been trying to go through and expand my own classic sci-fi/fantasy repertoire. Let’s face it, I’m becoming a sucker for old books, especially in the genres I’m trying to write in. It comes down to the ever common and repeated phrase of: READ EVERYTHING. So when I picked up this book, well it was a box-set of four books, I had no clue what I was getting into. I knew nothing about Roger Zelazny or any of his other books. It does say on the cover that he is a Hugo and Nebula Award Winner, so I had to be getting myself into something good, right?

Right. I think. To be honest it took me a while to get into the characters of the Nine Princes in Amber. We start the book out with Corwin in first person narrative as he too just came out of a coma and has amnesia. We learn in the first chapter he is incredible smart, stronger than normal and heals extraordinary fast.  However, once he meets up with his elusive sister we find him trying to play a game of politics that he as no idea what the outcome is. He gets pieces of his memory back by being around his sister and later brother, but his thoughts go right to the point on how to use them to push himself forward, even though he doesn’t know exactly why he needs to return to Amber.

From that point of view it was hard for me to understand Corwin besides wanting him to regain his memory so that I can finally figure out what the hell was going on around him. From the back cover description I honestly thought I’d be dealing with more sci-fi than fantasy. As it turns out it’s a heavy fantasy where Corwin and his brothers and sisters can move through shadows or really ‘parallel worlds’, with Amber being the true world that casted all the parallels around it. 

Yet, by the middle of the book, I started to pull for Corwin. Despite the political backstabbing game between brother and sister, you find that Corwin does have a soft spot, he writes music and ballads as well as being a strong swordsman. He describes wanting Amber to be peaceful and wanting the bickering between family members to stop – but he then goes on to say how much he hates certain brothers. It’s confusing and sometimes I find a little hypocritical of Corwin and his reasoning skills… but what can I say by the end of the book I want him to be King of Amber. I want him to succeed and think hat the could bring the worlds back in line. Of course, some brothers may not be in favour of him, but it seems that will be the case whomever sits on the thrown of Amber.

I won’t go into the plot too much as I feel that one has to read these books to truly understand my impressions on it. I will say that I enjoyed it immensely and am currently on the second book “Guns of Avalon” with a much better connection to the characters. Corwin is a complex character and thus I can understand the flaws he has due to his past, and his ambition for the future. I’m eagerly excited to see how this series goes and if Corwin can defeat his brother Eric for the crown.

For those you have not heard of this series – just like myself – and are into fantasy, immortals fighting for a thrown and for some old fashion swordplay and fighting. I do recommend the Nine Princes in Amber. I think once you learn to understand Corwin’s character fully, you can have a more enjoyable time reading about his adventures.

Hi-Score Girl – Anime Review

Manga series Illustrated by Rensuke Oshikiri

Anime series Adapted by J.C. Staff

I found the anime on Netflix while looking for something light hearted to watch. Well, after the first episode I was hooked. The story starts with a young Haruo Yaguchi, who is checking out the local arcade and ready to play the newly released Street Fighter 2 game. That’s when he notices that there’s not only a line up but a player who’s been winning several games straight and a cue as started to see who could defeat this unbelievable player. To Haruo’s surprise, the winner is a girl… not just any girl but a girl in his very class Akira Ono. Not only that, her character of choice is Zangif. 

Wanting to get “his” arcade back, he continues to try and beat Ono with his favourite character Guile, but fails every time. Eventually he wins the first round with some sneaky and underhand tactics called “Turtling”. Lets just say Ono gets upset, but they continue their match with her winning the second round. In the third, Haruo does another sneaky trick that by the sounds of everyone watching, is a trick not allowed in the pro arena… or looked down on. When he beats Ono, she walked up to him and punches him so hard he’s practically knocked out.

From there on, Haruo and Akira form an unlikely and odd relationship. Haruo starts to respect Akira and her gaming talent, while also considering her a rival and trains hard to finally beat her in fighting games as her equal. 

I guess I should mention they start in the year 1992, when the two are in grade school. Hauro has dreams to become a pro gamer to the point of neglecting his school work, where as Akira comes from a prestigious family with private tutors and is restricted in many ways including unable to have a game console of her own. Her trips to the arcades are her only escape from the rigorous and strict home environment. Because of their love of games, the two connect even though Akira barely says a word – well never says a word more like it. Yet, somehow Hauro knows exactly what she’s thinking – not to mention whenever Hauro does something insensitive or stupid, Akira doesn’t hesitate to hit him or kick him.

It’s quite cute, and there are many scenes that are so full of emotion that made me cry. Especially when Akira has to move to the USA because her father’s job. The parting between her and Hair is the most sweetest and heartbreaking scene I’ve watched in anime.

After that, there is a jump in time to when Hauro is in middle school, then in high school. He reconnected with Akira, and looses connection again. It’s a back and forth between him, however a new girl enters his life – Koharu Hidaka. Hidaka starts out as an introverted character who finds herself drawn to Hauro and his gaming habits who inadvertently started her into the gaming life. Like between Akira and Haruo’s relationship, Hidaka begins to hone her talents to be equal in game skill with Haruo. Needless to say a love triangle forms and Haruo been the dense idiot doesn’t see it coming and is unable to understand his feelings for Akira.

Like I said, the anime is full of feels and I’ve cried through several episodes as emotions boil over or Akira is separated from Hauro once again. I started this anime thinking it’ll be silly and entertaining – and it is, but I did not expect the overwhelming emotions that came along with the storyline. The nostalgia behind the video game references is entertaining and I tried to have my husband watch it to see if he recognizes them or not. Besides Street Fighter, which takes centre stage in many episodes, there is also mentions of Mortal Kombat and Vampire Hunter, and any other fighting game with other side scrollers and puzzle games mentioned on the side.

There is also parts of the anime where characters from the games talk to Haruo in his mind, they prompt him, advice him, and guide him down his life. It’s silly, but I couldn’t stop watching this anime.

With season 1 completed and me a sobbing mess, I am eager to await season two that comes out later this year. I hope netflix delivers and I’ll be able to follow along once more with the characters that I’ve helplessly fallen in love with.

Where has the Time Gone?


I feel so embarrassed.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been avoiding my blog. At first I can blame it on my wedding last year, my work schedule, and the stress that came with all of that. Last year was a write off for all of my writing goals. I didn’t do a lick of creative writing, unless it had to do with wedding stuff – even then my plans writing a blog on my wedding website vanished.

However, the wedding was early November last year. Meaning I had four months to kick myself back into gear. Four months of attempting a review, or update my writing goals, my writing pains, my feelings and frustrations towards my novel. Four months of doing other things – not blogging.

I’m here now. Right? Let’s hope I can finally push myself forward and get back into what I wanted to do with this blog all along. Talk about writing, share my short stories, my struggles. Reviewing my favourite shows, my favourite books. There’s still time… there’s still time.

Now newly married, my life has taken a different direction. With the support of my husband I am now focusing myself on writing full-time… and doing household chores. Even though I may not active on my blog lately, I have been writing my butt off on my latest re-write of my paranormal adventure, or maybe it’s an Urban Fantasy novel. I just completed draft 5 of my manuscript. I swear it’s more like 7, but for sure it’s the 5th major re-write. I’ve sent it off to a friend for a beta read and hope to find a few others willing to take a look at it to get feed back before I start working on my query.

That’s right. My goal this year is to query this novel! No more procrastinating, no more major re-writes (I hope), maybe some copy edits coming my way, but I want to start sending my work out to see if anyone is interested.

I’ve also entered a short story contest. I’m really bracing out this year! I won’t know if my story is picked or not until May, but I’m excited. Even my parents (who I never shared my work with before) read my story and enjoyed it. So that’s something to be positive about.

April is also a month of diving into something new. I’ve rejoined with CampNaNo to focus on writing podcast scripts during this month. Creating a podcast as been with me for the past year and a half – at least. I’ve thought a lot on my focus, my theme or subject and it all comes down to my love of the paranormal. So I’ve decided to start working towards a paranormal podcast where I will discuss and share stories of hauntings, cursed objects, mysteries, cryptids, and well… anything else that little bit of creepy and unexplained. I made sure to set my goal for April’s CampNaNo reasonable small. 10k words, or roughly 10 episodes. Enough to give me an idea of how long research and writing would take, then following April I’ll try to work on recording and see where I need to go from there.

My mind is brimming with ideas, and I hope I can make them into something that everyone else can experience and enjoy alongside me. I’m excited to have the time now to focus and write, to explore and research. I hope I can keep this up and even get recognized for my work.

For those also in April’s CampNaNo, keep writing! I’m right there with you!

Wedding Plans & A New Story Idea


The past several months have been a whirlwind. It all started December 2017 with a proposal from my boyfriend. From there I started the new year in the wedding pre-planning stages. It is now almost May – which means it’s now less than 6 months away. Wow, that scared me when I typed it out. Anyways, it’s May-ish and we’ve got almost everything planned out. Yet there is still a ton to do.

I’m designing our invitations, place settings, and eventually the website once we get that set up. Basically all the printing stuff at the wedding. Good thing I was/am a graphic designer. Still, I’m anxious to get our website up, our engagement photos done and start worrying and working on decorating the hall we’ve rented. 

It also means that since December the action of writing anything that isn’t wedding related has taken a back seat to everything else. Which is a little disappointing when you work out that it’s been almost four or five months since I’ve written anything towards the novel I’m working on. Which is a shame, I’ve been trying to re-write my last drafted manuscript, going through and outlining the book again, adding in more character development and details. I’m hoping once this is all over I’ll be able to tackle this draft once and for all. 

At the moment, every time I get on my computer my mind is on wedding stuff, searching pintrest, figuring out images for the invitation, looking at webpage designs and templates. I can’t even get my head focused to write book review and movie reviews. Yet this past week – while my fiancé was out of the country on a business trip – I managed to start writing some random scene that had popped into my mind. 

Let’s face it. I’m a sucker for the paranormal. As much as I enjoy writing fantasy and sci-fi, somehow anything paranormal I seem to gobble up. TV shows, movies, now even podcasts (Thanks #ATWWD!). So obviously I’m once more diving into a paranormal themed story idea. This time the character felt like it came out of nowhere. Well I guess not. I started a new character on my Star Wars fan site who has a cyber eye – okay… it got that idea from a dystopian novel idea I’m also working on. Anyways… the idea of a main character with a unusual eye starting filtering through my imagination and day dreams until I arrived at this character who has a magical eye. By magical I mean a pentagram in her eye that allows her to see aura’s and ghosts. 

I don’t know where this is going to go. But I’m writing one scene where her friend drags her out to a local abandoned mill to test her abilities on camera. It feels great getting back into fictional writing. I’m starting to really like this new character and her friend. I’m hoping part 2 of this story will flow just as well and I can get into trying to write some real suspenseful/horror elements. Everything I try to write suspense it turns out to be more of an adventure style writing… so I’d like this one to try to get more into the thriller and suspense genre – if possible. Once the story is finished I’ll try to post the more polished draft.

Anyways, maybe this dry spell of non-writing just needed a new jump in inspiration to get me back in the swing of things. Something to do to get my mind off of wedding stuff and maybe give me a little bit of hope that I can one day quit my day job and write full-time. (Still hoping I can get away with that when I’m married). Either way, my imagination is just as wild and crazy as ever and I hope one day I’ll be able to share all the random stories that constantly run around in my head.

In the Mood for a Scare


I don’t know what it is, but as of late I’ve been trying to find things that would shake me to the bone. Anything spooky. Ghost, legends, aliens, bigfoots, you name it, if there’s a story of a boogyman under a bed I want to hear about it. It’s not even October and I’m already gearing up to get myself shaking with fright.


In particular, I’ve recently began to follow two more paranormal themed podcasts. I’ve already been following Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast which always thrill me. I know if I want something quick, something surreal and based on a legend he’s the place I go to. Already he’s inspired me and given me ideas on expand my own paranormal novels of ghost hunters in new directions.


One of my new podcasts that I decided to follow is The Paranormal Podcast by Jim Harold. I’m only able to pull up the previous years on my iPod, but obviously as I started looking back I realize Jim has been busy and had the podcast out for a number of years prior. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to listen to all of them, but of the few I’ve already managed to listen to I’m stuck. In particular my first episode I listened to dealt with ‘Black Eyed Kids’ and lets say I should not have listened to it in the dark. It creeped me out and gave me a whole new paranormal case I’ve never knew existed.


So on to the third, or rather the second NEW podcast I stumbled upon. “And That’s Why We Drink.” I seriously just ‘stumbled’ upon it last week. I needed to listen to something while I quilt, and didn’t feel like music or my D&D podcast and wanted to hear more spooky stories. I was on spotify at this point and found their ‘podcast’ area and well, this one was right at the top of the ‘recommended for you’.  I was hooked by episode 2, and I’ve been binge listening to them since. The podcast is not only talking about paranormal events/objects/haunting, but also true crime. So the two hosts share a paranormal story and a true crime story each episode. I’m currently on episode 7 and enjoy listening to Em and Christine. The two are so enjoyable, down to earth and casual in their podcast. They ramble and go on tangents every once in a while and I seriously don’t care. They have this dynamic about them that keeps the podcast fresh. I seriously can’t get enough of them and they just found a new long term follower. Out of all of my spooky listening, these two are the best so far.

But it hasn’t all been podcasts. That being said, those three above are probably the only podcasts I listen to… and still can’t find enough time to catch up on all of them.


The other bit of spookiness in my life currently is a new visual novel I’ve started on the game app “Choices”. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Choices is an app that have several ‘visual novels’ to choose from… mostly romantic but there are a few mystery and adventure and even on fantasy themed story to follow. In each story there are choices you can make as the main character, those choices affect the end of your story. This is the fourth story on this app that I’m working through and I’m really enjoying this new story called “It Lives in the Woods”. The only issue I have with the app, which I understand why they did it this way – is that despite it binge free, there are choices that require ‘diamond’s to unlock. If you don’t have enough you are unable to take that special path and miss out on uncovering new information, more of the mystery or a weapon you may need in the future. It’s very much a combination of a novel and a game except I never like paying for extra game bits. That being said – I just made my first purchase in this app for extra diamonds… so… they got to me.

It Lives in the Woods is a story about a bunch of high school kids who realize the ‘ghost’ or as they name him ‘Mr. Redfield’ they played with as a kid and most likely the cause of one of their friend’s death as a kid is back. Strange occurrences have been happening in their small town, and all can be traced back to their youth and the woods.

Seriously, just the opening sequences is enough to put a shiver down your spine.

If anyone else has any suggestions of something spooky to either listen to, watch or read, let me know, I’m in the mood and would love some recommendations.




When high school classmates wake up, they find themselves in a perilous situation — restrained in a large dining room. They want answers as to why somebody is holding them hostage, so they try to think of reasons why they are locked up and, more importantly, how they can escape. Fearing their situation is retribution for a past incident with a classmate, they offer up confessions and point blame in order to figure out who the captor is.

I was searching Netflix for a new show to watch, something strange, dark and mysterious. Low and behold I found this amazing mini-series. The synopsis sold it for me and once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. I finished all 12 episodes in only 2 days – the only episode I’ve yet to watch is a ‘prequel’ that gives us all a glimpse of the student lives before the horror that befalls them.

So, as the synopsis goes, 11 high school students wake up in a strange room – full of odd collections like an oddity shop. Of course, all the girls panic a the beginning. Their feet are locked in a box and they are unable to move – and the twelfth spot is empty. It takes the students time over the 12 episodes to figure out the clues that surround them. Basically they learn everything in the room is supposed to remind them of something.


During their attempts to figure out how to escape there are periods of unexplained strangeness between chimes of 12 from all the different clocks set at different times. When a clock does strike 12 – one girl goes missing. That’s strange enough, the lights go off and then suddenly a girl is gone. At times rats fall out of a suit of armour, oil leaks from the skylight above them, and stranger with a limp, hooded comes to clear the table and serve ‘cola’. All to encourage the girls to remember.

And remember they do. Over time they learn why they sit where they sit, who is missing and possibly why. We learn of bullying, a secret group of ‘Justice Warriors’ that branch onto vandalism, and secret love, crushes and love triangles. Of course as they remember and realize their guilt, blame is pointed at each other, and soon you get the idea that everyone in that room is guilty of something. Even if they did not bully, they still watched and did nothing.

Overall this mini-series is fantastic to watch. Full of mystery that kept me pressing play to watch the next episode to learn more clues, try to figure out who was behind all this and hope the girls get out in time. I

If you are looking for a good dark mystery, full of suspense. I highly recommend this show.